Cognition Collection is a lifestyle apparel clothing line influenced by the attainment of knowledge, wisdom and understanding through thought, experiences, the senses and of course fashion. An on-going learning process, Cognition Collection goes deeper than what you see. It is an expression of growth recognition on many levels in multiple dimensions.

Jeffrey L. Woodruff, founder and creator of the Cognition Collection concept, expanded imagination took him to levels of awareness that would be beneficial to others as well. He uses conceptual imagery to evoke thought, emotion and expressions that are reflective deeply within one’s cognitive essence.

Cognition Collection is high leveled awareness in modern fashion. The product is created to promote self awareness in the form of creativity and fashion. Cognition Collection fashions can be assembled casually and leisurely during the day or dressed up for the excitement of night life. It is a very versatile line with a message to be displayed by its audience.